Stacey Gagnon

Stacey Gagnon was born and raised in Kamloops and loves helping people bring to life their visions for their outdoor space.

That’s what originally drew her to landscaping work. But after five years working for someone else, she felt an entrepreneurial spark and decided to start her own business – 4 Seasons Landscaping.

She brings her passion for the work as well as her experience as a certified irrigation technician to her business and with her determination, she is sure to be a success. With one year behind her and staff that can vary from 15 to 40 depending on the season, 4 Seasons Landscaping is definitely taking off. Maybe that’s because Stacey is totally hands-on with her business, working alongside her crew at all hours.

She and her professional team bring innovative ideas and excellent customer service to every project, big or small.

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