Kirsten Carleton

Kirsten started in the food service industry 30 years ago when she was 14 doing dishes at Pizza Hut, before becoming a server. She has worked in many different restaurants and believes strongly in teamwork.
Kirsten’s Hideout is a cosy, homey atmosphere that has a regular clientele. The staff know the clients by name and a bit of their personal lives, “its like a family” Kirsten laughs. “We know what they like to eat, what they can and can’t have, and we can do the order without even asking them. We just know.”

The comfortable, relaxed vibe of the restaurant is exactly what Kirsten was going for when she opened.

Kirsten and her staff love to try new things, not just follow the menu, and they care about what they are serving. “A lot of love goes into our food.”

The staff all get along and work hard, but its all about fun and teamwork at Kirsten’s Hideout. One of the signs in the restaurant says, “Work hard, have fun, and no drama,” which seems to be the motto for this fun diner.

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